1. Install PriceWaiter

Use our Chrome Extension or Firefox Addon available for both Windows and Mac.

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2. Go shop online.

That's right. Just head over to Amazon, Best Buy, or wherever else you prefer shopping.

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3. Look out for the groovy, red PriceWaiter banner.

When our banner shows up, that means you can use PriceWaiter for that item. Just click the "Make an Offer" button.

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4. Make your offer.

Complete the form and tell us how much you'd like to pay. Keep in mind reasonable discounts improve your chances.

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5. That's it.

You'll either get an immediate response and be able to checkout -or- we'll let you know that your offer has been sent to our team to work on.

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Shop for what you want, where you want, at the price you want.

Shop online as normal.
Shop where you shop

If our groovy red banner appears at an online store as you shop, you can make an offer for what you want to pay.

Offer the price you'd like to pay.
Offer what you want to pay

Simply make an offer and PriceWaiter will go to work searching for the deal you asked for or the lowest price.

Complete the purchase at a negotiated rate.
Buy at your price

PriceWaiter quickly negotiates with retailers, and voilà, you checkout and save time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we aren't compatible with every website and product on the internet at this time. Rest assured, we're working hard on it. If the banner doesn't show up, that means we don't have retailer partners selling that item yet.

PriceWaiter Market is your personal shopper and negotiator, saving you time and money. You simply make an offer on any item you want, anywhere on the internet, using the PriceWaiter Extension, and we take care of the rest, negotiating within our extensive network of sellers to secure the best deal possible. No more spending time looking for an item on multiple sites, trying to find coupon codes, or haggling via phone or email. With its extensive buying leverage, network, and with a focus on personal service, PriceWaiter takes care of all of this for you, saving you time and money.

Sometimes a seller will accept the price you asked for, and sometimes they will provide a counter offer. Either way, PriceWaiter will leverage its team, technology and network to to find you the best deal.

We don’t charge you anything, but you do have the opportunity to tip us for finding you your best price!

We have an extensive network of sellers that carry hundreds of thousands of unique products. Depending on the quality of your offer, the availability of the product you want, and your personal preferences on time vs price, you could receive offers within a few hours. For more difficult to find items, it may take a few days, however we strive to get you your price within 24 hours!

Delivery speed will vary from seller to seller (and for different products). You’ll be able to see the estimated arrival date when you’re reviewing all offers from sellers.

Retailers can sign up to become part of the growing PriceWaiter Market here.

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