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About PriceWaiter

PriceWaiter was born to help make buying and selling better, and we’ve started by making negotiation simple, secure and fast.

Why negotiation?

Negotiation has worked extraordinarily well since the beginning of time, but especially since the beginning of commerce.

But with the advent of the most efficient market in history -- the internet -- negotiation needed an upgrade. PriceWaiter is that upgrade.

  • For shoppers, PriceWaiter saves you time and money by negotiating better deals for you on top-rated products.
  • For retailers, PriceWaiter helps you move more inventory, maintain more margin, and make MAP moot, bringing you new sales and customers you would likely have missed without it.

Founded in 2011 by a conscientious team of folks who -- like you -- also like saving money when they buy stuff, PriceWaiter is headquartered in Chattanooga TN and Bellingham WA, and we are here to serve you.

Our people

Our people are important to us. We have some cool tech but it is worthless without the people - and their passion - behind it. From our headquarters in stateside locales like Tennessee and Washington state, we are a small but enthusiastic team whose goal is to make buying and selling better for everyone.

We think negotiation is a great tool (again, as does all of history), but to make it work even better for people like us, and you.

As seen on...

We've been featured on a number of news sites and magazines. We are working on expanding and improving our products every day and are here primarily to serve you, our valued customers.

“They matched the lowest price I found, plus shipping was free and the item arrived packed nicely and very fast!!! I will definitely use PriceWaiter again!”

– Dina B

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