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Here’s a few answers for you.
What is PriceWaiter?
PriceWaiter is your personal shopper and negotiator, saving you time and money. You simply make an offer and we take care of the rest, negotiating within our extensive network of sellers to secure the best deal possible. No more spending time looking for an item on multiple sites, trying to find coupon codes, or haggling via phone or email. With our extensive buying leverage, network, and with a focus on personal service, PriceWaiter takes care of all of this, saving you time and money.
Will my offer be accepted?
Sometimes one of our retailers will accept the price you asked for, and sometimes they will provide a counter offer. Either way, PriceWaiter will leverage its team, technology and network to to find you the best deal.
When will my offer be accepted?
We have an extensive network of retailers that carry hundreds of thousands of unique products. Depending on the quality of your offer and the availability of the product you want, you could receive responses instantly. If you don’t hear back immediately, it can take up to 1-3 days.
Do I have to pay you anything?
We don’t charge you anything, but you do have the opportunity to tip us for finding you your best price.
Am I committed to buy if I make an offer?
No, but prices do fluctuate so you may not get that same deal again!
Can I use PriceWaiter if I live outside of the United States?
Unfortunately PriceWaiter is limited to retailers and buyers within the United States, but we’re hoping to add support for International sales down the line!

Products & Orders

Are the products on your site new or used?
PriceWaiter only works with vetted and approved retailers. Our products are:
  • Genuine, new and undamaged
  • Include USA Manufacturers Warranties (when applicable)
  • Are made for the USA market (not a foreign version)
When will my product be shipped?
Delivery speed will vary from retailer to retailer (and for different products). You’ll be able to see the estimated arrival date when you’re reviewing all offers from sellers.
Who is the retailer that will be shipping my product?
We negotiate such great deals with our retail partners that they are not allowed to advertise the low low price(s) online. This means while using PriceWaiter you will not know who you are purchasing from during the negotiation process. Rest assured, if there is an issue, PriceWaiter will work to make it right. All our sellers are approved, offer original products, and industry leading customer service.
What do I do if there is an error/issue with my order?
We pride ourselves on offering top notch customer service. In the event of an order issue please message
What is your return policy?
If there is an issue with your product or order PriceWaiter will make it right. You can reach us at and someone from our office will help you out.