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Atlanta Light Bulbs Brightens Revenue 70% Via Pricing, Cart Abandonment Apps

[PriceWaiter] fits with us because we like to work with people and say, ‘We like working with you. If we can work with you, we feel you’ll come back to us later.’

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PriceWaiter caters to new millennial B2B buyers

The number one thing [exit intent] helps with is our abandoned cart. We have so many people come and visit the site, but so few order. With PriceWaiter’s pop-up, we can pull a few of those people back because, for them, it just boils down to price.

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Atlanta Light Bulbs’ sales brighten with electronic negotiation

In the first three months of this year, internet revenue has increased 25% year over year for Atlanta Light Bulbs, and Root attributes a portion of this bump to PriceWaiter.

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7 Ecommerce Companies That Can Help You Sell More

This startup guarantees to increase your store’s conversion rates and, more importantly, to make you more money.

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The New Sales Associate

With PriceWaiter, [retailers] are creating a way to create additional conversation between the retailer and the customer, and giving the customer the psychological win of having saved money.

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PriceWaiter’s Clever Cure For Minimum Advertised Price Blues

The major thing we offer is flexibility. No two retailers are ever the same, giving them the ability to use the data from our network to create and customize a negotiating platform for their needs.

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