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Savvy Watch Boosts Holiday Conversions with Personalized Pricing

With PriceWaiter we have the chance to convert that customer on the spot, before they leave to price compare elsewhere. We get the conversion, and the customer feels rewarded in their search for a value on a quality product.

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10 Most Profitable Ecommerce Innovations of 2016 – And Exactly How They Did It

We utilize PriceWaiter, rewards, and many other features in the BigCommerce app marketplace. All of this brings an experience to a clientele base that is used to faxing in an order or getting mailed catalogs!

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Five Tactics You Need To Close the Deal

Allowing your visitors to make an offer on select products gives you a chance to engage them in a way where both sides are winners.

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The Retail Advantages of Online Negotiation

With all the online negotiating and deal-grabbing tools available today, shoppers who may not feel comfortable negotiating in person can see how easy it is once the retailer finally says, “sold.”

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Would you let your customers haggle online?

E-commerce negotiating tool PriceWaiter is a leading e-commerce negotiating tool that customizes consumer campaigns… Shoppers have the power to get the deal they want.

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Priceline.com and the Evolution of Online Price Negotiation

Tools like PriceWaiter are critical to convert shoppers who are comparing multiple retailers.

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