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Would you let your customers haggle online?

E-commerce negotiating tool PriceWaiter is a leading e-commerce negotiating tool that customizes consumer campaigns… Shoppers have the power to get the deal they want.

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Priceline.com and the Evolution of Online Price Negotiation

Tools like PriceWaiter are critical to convert shoppers who are comparing multiple retailers.

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Is That Your Final Offer?

Shoppers who go to a PriceWaiter retailer site can click on the PriceWaiter “Name Your Price” widget on product pages to make an offer…

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PriceWaiter Lets Shoppers Bargain with Online Merchants

PriceWaiter enables participating online stores to add a “Name Your Price” button to their product listings.

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When haggling and e-commerce collide

PriceWaiter’s entire business rests in this price-naming tool. Consumers click the tool on it, name the price, and this information gets relayed to the merchant.

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Consumers May Soon Be Able to “Name Their Price”

…wouldn’t it be nice if you – the consumer – could identify during this process what price you want to spend on the item you want to buy? This is the goal of PriceWaiter…

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