Sell More, Immediately.

Our flexible platform can help increase your conversion rate by over 30%

Convert Visitors using Custom Campaigns

Convert comparison shoppers using our proven campaigns or customize one to fit your store. Target your campaign’s calls-to-action to specific users on specific SKUs or brands and customize the language, placement and emails for each campaign.

Save Time and Instantly Convert Shoppers with Automation

Automate your campaigns and the entire sales process by configuring desired margin levels or an acceptable discount ranges on a SKU, brand, or storewide basis. Our platform will do the rest – optimizing offers to shoppers and closing additional profitable revenue instantly and on-site (while keeping an eye on your real-time inventory).

Identify Exit Intent & Reduce Your Bounce Rate

PriceWaiter prevents bounces and reduces remarketing costs by identifying non-converting shoppers that are leaving your site and engaging them with a targeted call to action. Built in A/B testing allows your messaging and creative to be automatically optimized for more clicks and conversions.
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Convert Highly Engaged Leads

Once a shopper has entered the campaign conversion funnel, PriceWaiter provides many tools to help close the sale, including limited-time offers. Time Expiration creates a sense of urgency that compels more customers to checkout and PriceWaiter will send Automated Drip Emails to remind potential customers of their personalized offer and when it expires.

Analyze & Track

A dedicated dashboard will give you insights into your incremental sales volume as well as areas that can be improved. Integrating PriceWaiter with Google Analytics is easy, and it enables you to track conversions and click events so you can analyze traffic sources and user behavior. PriceWaiter is also compatible with any other 3rd party conversion tracking you may already be using.

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