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Premium Reverse Osmosis Filtration Home System For Clean And Healthy Drinking Water Filter System 75 GPD RO Water Filter System Under Sink Designer Faucet Easy Instructions AL2000

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Product Photo: Premium Reverse Osmosis Filtration Home System For Clean And Healthy Drinking Water Filter System 75 GPD RO Water Filter System Under Sink Designer Faucet Easy Instructions AL2000
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AQUALUTIO REVERSE OSMOSIS TECHNOLOGY FILTER SYSTEM Finally your way of getting unlimited fresh great tasting purified drinking water with reverse osmosis technology at an affordable price AQUALUTIO is your premier manufacturer and supplier of reverse osmosis and filtration systems Our RO systems are manufactured and designed to meet industry standards with up to 99 removal of contaminants that are found in your water today Our easy-to-install RO systems filter the impurities contaminants chemicals and solids found in Tap and Well waters Each product is shipped with simple easy-to-follow instructions Call or E-Mail our professional technical support team to speak with a specialist SPECIFICATIONS FEATURES 1st Stage 5 Micron Melt-blown Polypropylene Sediment removes large and fine particles such as sand dirt silt and rust particles 2nd Stage GAC Activated Carbon Filters removes chlorine odors and tastes of many organic compounds 3rd Stage 5 Micron Carbon Filters Block carbon filters made of fine coconut shell carbon Removes chlorine tastes odors VOCs and other common chemicals 4th Stage Thin Film Membrane RO Membrane TFC Membrane is the main component of any Reverse Osmosis unit Provides up to 99 reduction rate of bacteria chemicals 5th Stage Inline Granular Carbon Filter Polishing filters Stabilize the water tasting qualities and further removes any traces of bad tastes and odors AquaLutio 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter AquaLutio Water Systems has been specialized in Water Filtration Systems AquaLutio AL-1118 is our most popular under sink Reverse Osmosis system Premium NSF filters Comparing to other RO systems in market The product is safe reliable durable and capable of meeting the claims made by manufacturer It uses standard 2 5 in x 10 in pre-filter cartridges It comes with EU designer faucet that is heavy and costs 45 alone Featuring 0 0001 micron RO membrane and 5 stages of filtration it could be 9 stages if each layer of mesh on cartridge is counted as a stage It is capable to remove 97 2 of Total Dissolved Solid including chlorine taste odor fluoride arsenic lead chromium and radon It is designed to be user friendly and easy to install The end result is endless cleanest drinking water right from the beautiful faucet that shines in your kitchen It will not just provide your family the great-tasting safe drinking water that beats bottled water but also make financial and environmental sense Most cost effective 5-stage RO - removes up to 99 of sediment chemicals pharmaceuticals heavy metals radioactive and 1000 contaminants - producing bottled quality water at merely 2 cents a bottle Elegant EU style designer faucet - heavy duty faucet with fine stainless steel finish Genuine standard cartridge set - gradient 3-layer sediment filter fine coconut carbon 0 0001 micron RO membrane and post carbon - guaranteed to last longer at fraction of the cost Most Cost Effective Technology - Rejects up to 99 of 1000 pollutants such as chlorine fluoride lead arsenic pesticide drugs and fertilizerIn the box assembled head 3 pre-filter housings with cartridges membrane tubing storage tank feed water adapter with shut off faucet 2 wrenches drain saddle tank ball valve and instructions