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10 Space AMP Rack Fzar10

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Product Photo: 10 Space AMP Rack Fzar10
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<p>Pro Amp Rack Flight Case 10U<br ><br >FLIGHT ZONE SERIES<br ><br ><br ><br ><br >Our sturdy <b><i>Flight Zone< b>< i> ATA Amp Racks incorporate dual rack rails (front and rear) heavy-duty rubber feet (non-wheeled versions) spring-loaded handles and removable front and rear covers. Designed to protect and transport larger amps and other standard 19 rack mountable gear.<br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><b>Features and Specifications< b>><br ><br > 10 Rack Spaces<br ><br > Heavy-Duty Ball Corners<br ><br > Recessed Latches and Spring-Loaded Handles<br ><br > Removable Front and Rear Lids<br ><br > Front and Back Rack Rails<br ><br > Interior Depth (rail to rail) 16.5 <br ><br > Interior Depth (rail to Back Cover) 19.75 <br ><br > <br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><b>Other Related Products< b><i><br ><br ><br >19 RACK MOUNTABLE ACCESSORIES <i><br ><br >Rack Drawers<br ><br >Rack Panels<br ><br >Rack Rails and Screws<br ><br >Rack Shelves<br >< i><br ><br ><br ><br ><br >FLIGHT ZONE FZ SERIES PRO AMP RACKS < i><br ><head><br ><th>SILVER & CHROME HARDWARE< th><th>BLACK LABEL SERIES <br>(BLACK HARDWARE)< th><th>SHOCK MOUNT< th><th>SPACE SAVER*<th>RACK SPACE< th><th>CASTER WHEELS< th>FZ AR2<th>< th>FZ S02<th>2u< th><th>< th>FZ AR4FZ AR04BLFZ S04<th>4u< th><th>< th>FZ AR5<th>5u< th><th>< th>FZ AR6FZ AR06BLFZ S06<th>6u< th><th>< th>FZ AR8FZ AR08BLFZ S08<th>8u< th><th>< th>FZ AR10<th>< th><th>< th><th>10u< th><th>< th>FZ AR12<th>< th><th>< th><th>12u< th><th>< th>FZ AR12WFZ AR12WBLFZ S12WFZSRPAR12W<th>12u< th><th>Yes< th>FZ AR14W<th>< th>FZ S14W<th>14u< th><th>Yes< th>FZ AR16<th>< th><th>< th><th>16u< th><th>< th>FZ AR16WFZ AR16WBLFZSRPAR16W<th>16u< th><th>Yes< th>FZ AR20W< th><th>< th><th>< th>FZSRPAR20W<th>20u< th><th>Yes< th>FZ ADP**<th>< th><th>< th><th>< th><th>Yes< th>< body><i><br >* Packaged Unassembled for Compact Storage and Shipping<br >** Dolly Caster Plate for Amp Racks<br >< i><i><br ><br ><br ><br ><br >FLIGHT READY STANDARD AMP RACKS SERIES <i><br ><br >FR AR2E 2u Amp Rack<br ><br >FR AR4E 4u Amp Rack<br ><br >FR AR6E 6u Amp Rack<br ><br >FR AR8E 8u Amp Rack<br ><br >FR 16WE 16u Amp Rack with Wheels<br >< i><br ><br ><br ><br >CARPETED SERIES AMP RACKS <i><br ><br > CRE Standard Series<br >Featuring Black Hardware and Front & Rear Pressure Mount Covers<br ><br > CRP Pro Series <br >Featuring Dual Recessed Left & Right Side Handles Ball Corners and Front and Rear Latched Covers<br ><br > CRT Tilt Rack Series<br >Featuring Rear Edge Caster Wheels<br >< i><br ><br ><br ><br >OTHER 19 RACK MOUNT PRODUCTS <i><br ><br >Rack Bags Series With Interior Carpeted Rack Shell<br ><br >Effects Racks Flight Zone Pro Case Series<br ><br >Effects Racks Flight Ready Series<br ><br >Studio Racks Carpeted Series<br >< i><br ><br ><br ><br ><br >COMBO RACKS <i><br ><br >Flight Zone Series Pro Combo Racks<br ><br >Flight Ready Series Standard Combo Racks<br ><br >Carpeted Series Combo Racks<br ><br >Carpeted Series Triple Combo Racks<br ><i><br ><br >< p>