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DJ Coffin W Whls FOR A 10 Format DJ Mixer & 2 Large Format CD Digital Media Players Fr10cdjwe


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Product Photo: DJ Coffin W Whls FOR A 10 Format DJ Mixer & 2 Large Format CD Digital Media Players Fr10cdjwe
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<p>UNIVERSAL CD DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER DJ COFFIN WITH WHEELS<br >Holds a 10 Format DJ Mixer and 2 Large Format Tabletop Players<br ><br ><br >FLIGHT READY SERIES<br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br >Our CD digital media player DJ Coffins hold two large format tabletop CD media players and one mixer. These ATA rolling coffins feature rugged built-in wheels heavy-duty latches and spring-loaded handles steel ball corners and removable front access panels. Cabling is clean and easy through convenient access ports throughout.<br ><br ><i>See all our DJ coffins for 10 format DJ mixers and large format CD digital media players< i><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><b>Features and Specifications< b><br > Heavy-Duty Ball Corners<br > Built-in Corner Roller Wheels For Easy Transport<br > Removable Front Access V-Cut Panels<br > Rear Cable Port<br > Recessed Handles and Latches<br > Mixer and Player Ventilation Pits<br > Mixer & Player Width Adjustment Foam Strips Included<br > <br > Mixer Compartment is 10.75 W x 3.25 H x 17.5 D<br > CD Wells are 10.625 W x 3.25 H x 14.25 D l<br ><br ><br >*For the safety of your equipment do not transport with gear stored on the glide platform and be aware that the platform can be removed when slid out to its furthest point.<br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><b>Other Related Products<br ><br ><i><br ><br > FR12CDJWE Flight Ready Series CD Media Player DJ Coffin Version for a 12 Format DJ Mixer<br >< i><br ><br ><br ><br ><br >OTHER DJ COFFINS FOR 10 FORMAT DJ MIXERS AND LARGE FORMAT CD DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYERS <i><br ><br >Flight Ready Standard Flight Case Series<br ><br >Flight Zone Pro Flight Case Series (non-Glide Style and no LED panels)<br ><br >Glide Style Sliding Laptop Gear Platform Case Series<br ><br >Flight FX LED Panel Case Series<br ><br >Black Label Series With All Black Hardware<br ><br >Carpeted Series<br >< i><br ><br ><br ><br ><br >OTHER CD DIGITAL MEDIA PLAYER DJ COFFINS <i><br ><br >CD Digital Media DJ Coffins for 10 Format DJ Mixers<br ><br >CD Digital Media DJ Coffins for 12 Format DJ Mixers<br ><br >CD Digital Media DJ Coffins for Rack Mountable 19 DJ Mixers<br ><br >Medium Format CD Digital Media DJ Coffins<br ><i><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><br ><b>Flight Zone Series Large Format CD Digital Media DJ Coffins Hold The Following Players< b><br > American Audio Flex 100 MP3<br > American Audio Radius 1000<br > American Audio Radius 2000<br > Amercan Audio Radius 3000<br > Denon DN-S3500<br > Denon DN-S3000<br > Denon DN-S3700<br > Denon DN-S5000<br > Denon DN-S5500<br > Denon DN-HS5500<br > Denon SC2900<br > Denon SC3900<br > Denon SC5000 PRIME<br > Denon SC5000M PRIME<br > Gemini CDJ-600<br > Gemini CDJ-700<br > Gemini CDJ-202<br > Gemini CDJ-203<br > Gemini CDJ-210<br > Gemini MDJ-1000<br > Numark NDX800<br > Numark NDX900<br > Numark V7<br > Pioneer CDJ-1000<br > Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2<br > Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3<br > Pioneer CDJ-2000<br > Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS<br > Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2<br > Pioneer CDJ-800<br > Pioneer CDJ-800MK2<br > Pioneer CDJ-850<br > Pioneer CDJ-900<br > Pioneer CDJ-900NXS<br > Pioneer XDJ-1000<br > Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2<br > Reloop RMP-1 SCRATCH MK2<br > Reloop RMP-2.5 ALPHA<br > Reloop RMP-3 ALPHA<br > Stanton C.303<br > Stanton C.313<br > Stanton C.314<br > Stanton C.324<br > Technics SL-DZ1200<br >and more!<br ><i><br ><br >< p>