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Access $300MM in demand from active buyers.

Shoppers make an offer on any product at any store on the web, even your competitors.

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Real-time alerts present immediate opportunities from an active buyer.

Lower your customer acquisition costs.

Skip the typical CPCs and heavy CSE fees. Pay only for completed sales.

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The PriceWaiter technology is responsible for gathering shoppers; leave the heavy lifting up to us. All you need to do is create an account, configure your settings, input your brands and then “voilà” sit back and watch qualified offers come rolling in.

When creating a seller account you will be asked to provide a product feed or list of brands that you carry. We will use this data to notify you when we have an offer for a product that you carry.

Lowball or unreasonable offers will happen. Luckily, you’re never obligated to accept an offer that doesn’t make sense with your margins. Simply counter offer up to an acceptable price.

High five on your first offer acceptance! Now the ball is in the shoppers court. PriceWaiter will continue to follow up and push this customer to the checkout page. When the sale is completed you will be notified so that the product can be shipped.

If you already have a Stripe account or Paypal account then you probably already know the drill, but if you don’t then you will need to quickly create an account. As you create an account with either of the industry leading payment processors you will be asked for a bank routing number. Once a PriceWaiter sale is completed the money will be processed and flow into your bank account.

With PriceWaiter there are no subscription fees, upfront fees or contracts; if we create a conversion for you then we take a 5% per transaction fee, but that’s it! We’re here to get you more sales, and to make sure our shoppers are happy!

Speedy offer management, top notch customer service, prompt shipping and a commitment to producing an amazing customer experience for every PriceWaiter shopper.

When an order is completed you will need to write the order into your OMS or E-commerce platform in order to trigger fulfillment. If you’re on BigCommerce or Magento stay tuned for some exciting features that will automate order writes.

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